From my brother

I told my brother about the earlier posts.  In a gracious gesture, he said they could stand, though I know he doesn’t necessarily want his life splayed across the Information Highway like so much roadkill.

He also cc’d me on an email which I’ll post in part:

“i can say too that a week later i have become more certain than ever that the healing power of love and music is quite profound.

now, for the the next six weeks i have a singular focus, and that is to be there for andy and for me this simply means that i be mindful in keeping him in a loving space within my thoughts and i truly believe that the more people that do this the better he will be as will we all.

so…here’s the picture…every morning…monday through friday…andy is getting these high energy radiation treatments from a machine that was conceptualized and manufactured in the heart of the imperium as a product of love by a people that care for each other enough that they have created an instrument that can bestow life in a sense upon each of us.

thus i say, that we as a community must simply think of andy being embraced by love every morning between eight and nine am as he goes through what is in essence a profoundly healing experience.”

Machinery of love. Yes.

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