Welcome to  Snowflakes Edge.

I’ve broken the Edge into the themes I’ve been thinking about lately.  If any of the subjects interest you, subscribe and I’ll keep you posted.

The Boat

The Boat: All stories and events and lives and deaths that spring from the Boat.  I hope to finish the Sheherezade this year.   The posts are numbered.  If you’re new to the series or want to know more, consider starting at the beginning and reading forward.



Habits:  For most of my life I’ve done things a certain way.  Last year I began to wonder why and if it was possible to change and do things in a way that was different.  The question has led me to think about habits, behavior, brain chemistry and tools for changing patterns.

raven dusk

Beings:  Thoughts about creatures great and small including, but not limited to, ravens, chickens, dogs, and plants.  I’m particularly interested in sentience as it expresses itself in many living things.


DSC02705Energy: I believe climate change is the issue for ours and subsequent generations.  The next few decades will be interesting.  And woe to be living in interesting times. Changing conditions will require us to refashion our environments, how and what we eat, and our relation to all forms of energy.



Radiation 2009: Archival writing from the event that prompted the beginnings of Snowflakes Edge.  Lots of ponderings about life.


Faultlines:  Ponderings about death.  A few in particular.

DSC02454The Nation:  American politics and such.




© Andrew Lewis

© Andrew Lewis

The Puzzle that is California:  Posts related to my native state and our return.

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    • Thank you! You’re encouraging me to freshen up my moribund blog. And thanks for the listen and for receiving. And good luck in this challenging season.

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