I’m sorry.  I just have to say it.

The taking of any life should not be cause to gloat.

The headline of the Chron yesterday read:  “The Butcher of 9/11 Dead.”  But what made him a butcher and us any less so?

Was it that he launched an attack against the US? He essentially was a military commander using the means available to him to achieve his military and political ends. By that measure, we are butchers.

Was it that the attack was launched at a civilian target?  In our retaliations in the Middle East, since 9/11 we have taken far more civilian lives.  We call this “collateral damage.” But by the same measure, we are butchers.

Perhaps the taking of human life amounts to butchery only when it happens to us.  That makes us narcissists.

This may be a defining moment in Obama’s presidency.  But I would hope not.  There are better things to be remembered for.  It was a necessary moment.  But not a proud one.

bin Laden’s death may diminish the chance of future attacks.  But probably not.  It certainly won’t bring back all those we’ve already lost.

Lets model good behavior and not the behavior of those we vilify.

Let it rest.