Birds of Chicago

Allison Russell
What? I don’t know. Depends on how many beers I’ve had.

I’ve found some new heroes in the last few weeks. Allison Russell and her husband count among them. Picture some southern rock piling into the car, slamming it north, sideswiping the Carolina Chocolate Drops, taking a whif of Austin, picking up some funk along the way and then flooring it all the way to Chicago to have a hot date with Aretha Franklin. All the while with a cheek to cheek grin on their face.

Birds of Chicago is a great small band that played in Paonia town park last week. It’s worth it to take a night to go see them if they’re passing through. Allison is expecting come December, after which they hit the road again with mother in law in tow as babysitter.

These guys are all love.  And if you hear them, as well you.

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