Born Free (sort of); June 22 evening

A final dispatch from Kerry from yesterday evening.

Gotta go hiking w/ John in a few minutes, so I went down around 4 PM to collect Broken Wing. Halfway down who should I see flying up but Never and More. They went 3/4 of the way to the house, then landed for a quick tete-a-tete– and decided to come back down! When I reached the wash, Broken Wing gave me the same affectionate greeting as usual; ran right over and perched almost on my shoes.

We headed for home and then stopped halfway there for a little snack for everyone. You can see them in their usual places– BW closest, Never deciding it’s OK to come right in on the gallop, and More lurking in the distance– probably knowing that I’ll walk over and give him some. The two fliers just leapfrogged along with us, and everyone got one last bite once we were all in the yard.

It’ll be a slow weaning away from us.  Once Broken Wing is better and they can function more freely, I’m hoping we won’t need to intercede so much.

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