Born Free (sort of): June 20

More from Kerry:

Another good day, with all three safely roosted in the yard at dusk. I went down to the wash just at sunset to round up Broken Wing, who literally came running to me in his best baby-like behavior. Wrapped him in a dishtowel and walked back up, with him calling himself almost hoarse the whole way.

The sibs were on the ramada; they heard us coming and got excited; they did a flyover when we were still 100 yd. away. I gave everyone a little elk nightcap to calm them down (almost as good as Stranahan’s).

Cindi’s going to try and catch them all around 6:30 and will call me when she has them– and she’s also going to ride down with me! I saw Gary in his yard so I brought him up to speed on our plan of a gradual separation– which seemed to relieve him. “All signs look hopeful,” as the magic 8-ball would say.

Roosting © Kerry Hardy

Key fact.  We’re dealing with autonomous individuals here.  We can’t dictate the pace at which they readapt to their natural environment.  This might take weeks or longer.  And even if they integrate with the flock in the wash, they still may continue to come “home” to roost.  Can’t fault them on that:  the ramada is a nice place to hang out.

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