Born Free (sort of) June 19

For those that have been following the saga, I’m providing Kerry’s notes, straight from the horse’s mouth.  If anything, they suggest the richness and nuances of the relationships, interspecies and otherwise.  Hurray for Kerry:

Big doin’s in the wash. When I took them down there, they got separated (because More freaked out a bit and got out of the cage) and were too skittish to recapture. So, I put the more timid of the two in the nest box which was about 150 yards away from where More was hiding in the sagebrush. I was pretty concerned about them finding each other, so a few hours later I went back down.

They were each exactly where I’d left them. I used water to coax Never(?) down out of the nest which he came to immediately. He seemed very affectionate, so I started squawking to him and walking towards More, and sure enough he followed– and meanwhile More was interested enough to fly and walk a bit closer, down into the cornfield.

My squawking brought two mature birds almost instantly; they did some real close flyovers.  Finally the two babies spotted each other– and I’ll tell you, it was quite touching to see them figure it out and hop together for a nuzzling. Palpable relief on all parts, myself included.

Then I walked back to the nest. Never followed along, and More did too at a safe distance. When we got back Never drank some more, and More almost dared to. When I gave Never some elk scraps and he went into full open-mouth-begging calls, More broke down and came over for his share too. So– they’re fed, watered, and both know where the nest box is, and they’re together (at least when I left them).

Lola and I sneaked away and they went off to explore the wash. Parents stayed in sight at all times– fingers crossed that they’ll adopt, rather than attack. Never even pecked and ate a bug at one point. If Broken Wing is still looking chipper tomorrow, I’ll take him down along with their breakfast. More heart-rending photos expected then. Enjoy these! A memorable Father’s Day, in its way.

Who needs TV.

Settling In © Kerry Hardy

Reunited © Kerry Hardy

Parent Flyover and Baby  © Kerry Hardy

Parent Flyover © Kerry Hardy

2 thoughts on “Born Free (sort of) June 19

  1. Dear Andrew,

    I met you and your lovely daughter, Mazie, at Holy Cow Coffee Shop in Sebastopol. Your
    “posts” are delightful and (of course!) I’m in heaven with your raven adventures…why is it
    that so few of us sense the magic, wisdom, intelligence of our feathered friends? There is
    so much attention to our supposed intelligence, that we miss COMPLETELY the whole world
    around us. Thanks so much for your sharing! Sincerely, Maryanne Markus

  2. It is good that you have come forward bescuae we are all one and we need each other to survive. Each culture needs to maintain its wisdom, never let that be diluted. But we are ONE RACE and we live on ONE PLANET and we have to put aside our differences without losing ourselves or our knowledge. The Hopi race is precious to humanity. It is like a rare flower that grows on a high mountain top with medicinal properties to heal many illnesses. We need to care for this flower so that it will flourish and it`s medicine will heal us.I propose that we all pray for your waters to flow freely on the next full moon which is May 5th.Making a petition is also very important. It needs to be sent to the right people. Make this message as loud as possible. Include images or film on You Tube if you can without breaking any sacred laws. Words are important but images and films touch people. I will pass on the message to everyone I know

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