What I Told Them

That in some ways the world that greeted us when we first came here no longer is. And in other ways it hasn’t changed. That both make me feel equally sad.

That they will remain. That they need to look after the farmers and after the fields. That I attended the junior high promotion and felt these little lives moving into small and uncertain futures. That a boy who liked Mazie didn’t even finish the eighth grade.

How can spring feel so autumnal? I will miss this sky. This air. The landscape of people who have been part of our lives. But many of them have already gone on and I’ve mistakened my memory of them for their actual being.

But these ravens for now actually are. And I want to hang on to that.

They sat quietly. And they listened.


2 thoughts on “What I Told Them

  1. There is something in this blog entry that makes me think about a couple different things that I have trying to wrap my mind around about the notion of home.

    I think about the feeling of home and how I imagine home, and often times that includes the memories of a home that exists no longer. Empowered by the fact (or perceived fact) that I don’t live in my home, ancestral or otherwise, I am teased by the freedom and desire to find home elsewhere. I dream how I can go to this place, if even it is through someone else; my wife or my daughter, her home, her homeland. But even that place is full of ghosts and mirages of what once was.

    There is something profound and possibly the lesson I need to learn in those hungry raven babies; the life that is growing, hungry, thirsty, immediate and true. Maybe home is there, in that moment, in that need satisfied, where ever you are.

    • Hey Jonathon,

      It’s a funny realization – that home is right where you are, that is if you have the eyes to see it. Hopi has been a place to be before the rest of our lives, and it turns out we’ve now spent a better part of our lives here. And now we’re looking to make the move toward the rest of our life and are a little afraid of what we’ll find there. I feel if we can take part of those ravens with us, that accepting of whatever the day brings us, then things will be okay.

      Thanks for reading. If you wish, subscribe – I hope to be writing a bit more regularly now.

      Here’s to your little one!


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