Bad weather sets in so the ravens remain housebound for a day or two.  On the first clear dawn, however, I set them out on the ramada.  Out front a mating pair eyes me from a distant light pole.  A third peers surreptitiously over a parapet.  All three call to one another and take flight toward Health Care.  A half hour later a pair flies low overhead and call out wildly to the fledgelings who call back excitedly in return.

I believe they’ve been found.

Later that morning a friend comes over and climbs the ladder to take a peek.  As she gets closer, the babies call out in panic and immediately an adult pair flies over from Health Care and light upon the ramada in a defensive posture before again taking off.

But that’s it.  Later they spy me feeding the babies and circle.  And since then they’ve kept their distance.

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