Bernd Heinrich is right.  If you have a choice, choose the ravens over attending a meeting.

These birds have derailed my life for a week now.  Life is that stuff that happens when you’re supposed to be doing something else.

Now comes the hard part.  To the best of my abilities I have to starve them so that they’ll call out for their parents.  And as further incentive I load the ramada with dead carcasses.  A flattened rabbit from the road.  A pair of rotting rattle snakes killed by Health Care.  Some elk meat from my friend Kerry.

No luck. We leave to Flagstaff for the weekend, leaving the birds to their own devices with no people around.  When we return they’re famished.  And no signs of the parents.

Each morning they caw loudly, looking skyward.  By late morning I relent and give them food.  They recognize my voice now.  Nice for me.  Not good for the ravens.

But I love them.  And I’m glad they’re in our lives.  They’re perhaps the only things keeping me sane at the moment.

Feeding time

3 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Andy,
    I found it! I love it!
    I will return soon to help tend the young, if the parents refrain.
    I wonder what will become of this adventure, this connection to nature …

  2. Greetings Andrew, Sita here, from Raven Rescue in Smithers, BC Canada, wondering about your large black charges. No update about the birds, hough I found lots to ponder on your blog.

    We would love to put the story of the ravens up on our web site, and it would be great to have pictures of the ravens, you and Pearish. The ones from your blog are great! Could we use those?

    When Pearish called here and reached Walter who had raised a number of ravens throughout his youth. He gave her some idea of what to feed them and told her about letting them go.

    hope to hear from you soon.

    Sita Then
    Raven Rescue

    • Hey Sita, I’ll be putting more raven updates up later today. Subscribe and you’ll get notices in your email.

      You’re welcome to put the raven story on your site or link to the blog (I think if you click on the large word “ravens”, on the right, it will give you all the posts about the ravens and then you can link to that. You can use the pics from the site. I’ll also be putting some really cool ones up today or tomorrow. (with us wearing the shirts!)

      You all have been so helpful – I’ll put a plug in for you as well! Let’s stay in touch on all this!


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