Last night I was at a celebration party / gathering of force for CatsM.  It was, well, San Franciscan – with lots of media and video gaming industry, and inventor, and softwary kinds of folks.  All really nice.  I learned a lot.

In the midst I got a call from Paha from back home.  He was just checking in.  He wanted to make sure I was okay, he said.  And then he added – they were all praying for me, he said. I had tucked myself in a back alley and was sitting beside a dumpster and I started crying because I don’t think anyone really knows how much that means to me.

If CatsM has a gathering of force, then I have a full on army of the most extraordinary sort.  And I felt so lucky, so incredibly lucky for myself and for my wife and for my daughter to be where we have been for the last six years.  And I want everyone – all the people from home who’ve been calling Anna and asking her at work, and sending messages my way, to know how extraordinary they are and what they have given, what in me they have changed.  I will never in my life run the same way again.  I will never drink water or eat food in the same way again.  I will never see a plant, touch a plant, be with a plant, in the same way again.  I will never feel the beat of the sun in the same way again.  I will never understand darkness in the same way again.  I will never know rain in the same way again.  The word Life is a new word for me, and I will never hear it or say it in the same way again.

1 thought on “Gratitude

  1. Hey our bahana clown,stop those crazy thoughts about not being cared about. We at home always have you in our mind and heart, just sometimes forget to sent a little message to let you know your thought of.

    My sister-in-law said she started using a lot of sugar to help provide some better taste to the food. She also ate a lot of ice cream, things that are sweet, because everything started tasting bitter. She also dropped a lot of weight, but has been gaining it back slowly. Well now with that hair loss we won’t be asking you to get a hear cut of that you really look like a hippy, kidding.

    Keep that chin up and put us in your dreams cooking you some good food when you get home. Yes, I can cook when I want to. You are in my prayers all the time and I wish I could make the last weeks go faster for you. If there is anything I can sent you, let me know. Sending you a big bear hug, Barb

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