Temperature Stats

After my simulation my friend Danny and I sat for a while in the lobby of Mt. Zion discussing the course of treatment.

The stats:

Without radiation:  40-90% of recurrence.  100% chance of losing the facial nerve with further surgery.  In addition 2-5% chance of malignancy.  Using ballpark math, that equates to a 1- 4.5% chance of having a malignant tumor or and/or a 40-90% chance of eventually losing the facial nerve.

With radiation:  5% chance of recurrence.  And a .001% chance of a secondary malignant tumor unrelated to the parotid.  Plus the side effects.  That leaves me with:  .025% chance of a malignant parotid tumor, a 2 – 4.5% of losing the facial nerve from a recurrent benign parotid tumor, a .001% chance of a secondary malignant tumor, and a 100% chance of reduced blood flow to my jaw and teeth, as well as heightened sensitivity to the sun.

Of course, the stats are generated by people.  And in general I don’t trust people.

Can I have a moment to think about it?

While pondering this with Danny, a crew of firemen charged into the building and anxiously began examining some piece of equipment behind us.

You never know what or when its going to blow.

© Andrew Lewis

© Andrew Lewis

2 thoughts on “Temperature Stats

  1. Andrew,

    Seems like commotion follows you. I remember a time in Maryland around 5:09 am when you needed to phone a friend in Washington state for your drivers license number or was that a dream?

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a complete recovery. My best to your family.


    PS-What did you name the kitty?

    • Hey Corks – you’re right. I guess I’m a bit like Pigpen when it comes to commotion (though you might be dreaming that bit about the driver’s license or else I’ve buried that memory. I was trying to get a gunning license, right?

      KItty’s name is Miso, but I’m calling Mowowski. 🙂 Thanks for the wishes.

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