2 thoughts on “Stars

  1. Hi Andy,
    Glad to hear from you. It has been a hot sunny day here in Hopi. Everything is going back to the normal routine of having the girls in school as well Lloyd starting work. All of which I like, normal routine. just got through reading your blog. Some heavy but knowing that your personality of being a crazy guy with a lots to say is what I know will get you through this crazyness.
    Lindsey was with maisy on a trip to phoenix and she had a grand time. Then they were off to Flagstaff to attempt to get some autographs from the cardinals, not too successful at getting fitzgeralds, but glad to get some autographs anyway.
    You’ll need to get through this process and fast as you will have a lot to catch up on with all the school activities that will start soon! Cross country practice starts thursday and I know maisy will be up there this year. I am sure with you being there going through treatment, you will still find a way to be there for school functions, Thats just you. The crazy guy you are. keep focused on the task that is before you and it will all soon be done with. In the mean time, take care and keep in touch.


    • Thnx Lori for the wishes and the news from home. It means a lot to even hear about school from another parent. I’m sure its big adjustment for all the kids to be in Mrs. B’s class. 🙂

      I’ve lost a lot of taste in the last few days, salt even some sweet, leaving behind only temperature and metal. 😦

      Maybe the xrays will cure me of the craziness.

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