What follows Robert Frank’s The Americans?

In part it has to be the act of looking at Robert Frank.  When looking at any two pictures of his, you’re looking at three.  The first, the subsequent, and the third that consists only of the connection between the sense of the two other pictures.  The third, the richest of all, exists entirely in your head.  It does little good (certainly lesser good) to look at a Frank picture on its own – they were not meant to stand alone, though many are quite capable of doing so.  I doubt that there’s a single Frank image that doesn’t reference all those that precede it, or even the ones that are to come.

So you really can’t take a picture of a Frank picture.  Unless of course you do it obliquely.  Or take a picture of people looking at Frank pictures.  Or snap one of the throwaways.  All of the dang throwaways.

That guy took a header straight into the maw of life.

2 thoughts on “Frank

  1. This reminds me of going to the Museum of Contemporary Art with you when you were in Chicago on business. You helped me get over my “what the hell, is this really art?” plebeian reaction.

    • The best thing is to be reminded of things that you’ve long since forgotten about. Was it a Chuck Close retrospective?

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