11 a.m. On the bus on my way to Patrick’s to help him move. All the san Franciscans are awakening and returning home from their sex parties. Brilliant light, cool air now warming. I would drive but I’m loath to give up my parking space. And besides, from the bus I have at least a few minutes to write and post from my iPhone.

What is the salient image here? The smiling woman standing with her stained comforter? The prep cook catching a smoke in the doorway of the restaurant? The unshaven Hispanic wheeling in the vegetable delivery on a dolly? Or the man in the black sweater and draping pink scarf taking it all in?

Descending into the castro, we pass the storefront that once housed Harvey Milk’s camera store. Why did he own a camera store? What was to be had in it? I doubt it was the cameras. It must have been in the film processing. In the 70’s I’m sure negatives would have passed through that shop that would have violated obscenity laws, convention, what we even desire to see. But those are the images that must be developed. Those are the images to seek.

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